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Alan White

AQYER, LLC was founded by Alan White, pulling on 20+ years of international experience in the AEC industry, specializing in historic preservation, field data collection, analysis, interpretation and delivery of 2D and 3D documentation, to offer a broad range of services to define the built world.

Services provided by AQYER include non-destructive evaluation and as-built documentation:

Survey of existing conditions using 3D laser scanning, HD photography and conventional survey.

Production of documentation, derived from survey data and presented in a range of 2D & 3D formats.

Training & Consulting in the implementation and interpretation of survey data.

Non-Destructive Evaluation using ground penetrating radar (GPR), infrared thermal (IRT) imaging, magnetics, acoustics and other non-invasive methods to determine subsurface arrangement and condition.


By combining an investigation of subsurface condition with precise measurement of surface geometry, we can provide an advanced project deliverable, in a format appropriate to your needs. Data is collected, analyzed and presented with a sensitivity to the structure, the project timeline and budget. Deliverables are clear, accessible and supported by a duty of care which extends well beyond ‘final submission’.

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